Outback Joint Repair - Single Bottle

Outback Joint Repair - Single Bottle

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OUTBACK JOINT REPAIR = Natural Pain Relief & Re-growth of cartilage – Daily Supplement With Dual Action Formula Of Green Lipped Mussel Oil & Powder – 60 Gel Capsules

Green Lipped Mussel is a safe and effective therapeutic to relieve arthritic joint pain and help repair damaged cartilage. Utilizing a unique proprietary manufacturing method, that binds the cold processed oil to the freeze dried powder has created a powerful natural pain relief product.

Initially the Green Lipped Mussel Oil naturally disrupts the inflammation response to reduce pain and significantly increase mobility of the affected joints. The Green Lipped Mussel Powder (extracted from the shell) contains a concentrated blend of glucosamine and chondroitin, in combination with the Muscle Oil, to help promote the growth and repair of joint cartilage.